How hot is it going to get in North Texas this weekend?


DALLAS (KDAF) — Get ready for a hot weekend ahead in North Texas! The National Weather Service center in Fort Worth says the heat index should be top of mind on Saturday and Sunday.

The center reports temperatures on Saturday will be in the upper 90s ranging up to near 105 degrees. Heat indexes vary throughout the region with the highest being in Greenville at 112 and Canton at 111.

A similar weather song will be played on Sunday with temperatures near 100 ranging up to 107; heat indexes aren’t expected to reach or go over 110 degrees in the region.

NWS Fort Worth

NWS Fort Worth says, “Exceptionally hot weather is expected this weekend. Temperatures will be in the upper 90s to near 107 degrees. Heat index values will be near 105 to 110 degrees or greater on Saturday, with heat index values reaching or exceeding 105 degrees for most locations on Sunday. Stay cool, and be diligent in practicing heat safety. Limit strenuous outdoor activities, if at all possible.”


You need to stay aware of the weather this weekend and keep yourself and others safe in the heat, “Proper heat safety will be key to preventing heat related illnesses this summer. Wear lightweight or light-colored clothing, drink plenty of water, take break in the shade or A/C and never leave children, disabled adults, or pets in parked vehicles. Beat the heat, check the back seat!”


“Make sure you know the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and what you should do should these symptoms occur.”

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