Open job positions in North Texas


DALLAS — Whether you’re looking for a holiday job or something more long-term, there are two companies you could consider applying for.

Kohl’s is planning to hire almost 4,000 seasonal employees across North Texas: 1,100 in Dallas, around 300 for the Corsicana Distribution Center, and about 2,500 at their Desoto e-commerce fulfillment center.

In addition to wages and benefits, the company is offering flexible scheduling, weekly paychecks and employee discounts of up to 35% off.

Kroger is looking to fill 1,500 full- and part-time positions at their North Texas locations. The company is offering a variety of associate discounts (groceries, streaming services, travel, etc.) in addition to health and retirement benefits, Next Day Pay, and tuition reimbursement of up to $21,000.

You can head to their website to look for an open position near you, or you can go to a local store and apply in person.

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