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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Fireball whiskey maker accused of false advertising on miniature drink bottles

If you've ever been confused by the miniature bottles seemingly advertising Fireball, the popular cinnamon-flavored whisky drink, now found in gas stations and supermarkets,...

Viewer videos capture fireball in Oklahoma sky

WATCH: Fireball spotted over Oklahoma sky, produces sonic boom KOCO 5 field meteorologist Michael Armstrong said the fireball flew over Oklahoma around 3:40 a.m. just...

Videos show giant fireball streaking across the Texas sky

From Houston to Fort Worth, Texans across the state reported spotting a massive and bright light streaking across the night sky Tuesday. Some thought...
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Giant fireball seen shooting across sky in Central Texas

Dash cam footage captured the moment a fireball could be seen flying across the night sky in front of Lake Belton High School. ...

Fireball video shows possible Northern California meteor in sky

Many people across Northern California on Friday reported seeing a bright light in the sky tumbling down.Several people captured the phenomenon on camera. Video...

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